Bun Bao

New asian
burgers in Berlin.

Bun Bao

The guy behind "Bun Bao" has already got experience in gastronomy and a good intuition about streetfood in Berlin. He started selling his burgers on foodmarkets before he decided to open antother restaurant, just for this burgers.

To separate us from all the other burger restaurants, we came up with the concept of lightboxes, that are taken out of their original context (hanging outside in front of shops) plus we disarm their primary function of comunicating information by pixaleting the contens.

Everything else is painted in a neutal grey, so that the bright colors of the lightboxes can reflect on every surface.


Interior Design
Graphics of the Lightboxes

... asian burgers in an uncommonly staged context of bright colors and neutral grey.

The Guestroom

Disfunctional lightboxes and a large print of the product in contrast to the neutral grey.

45 Custom Lightbox Graphics

The graphics are designed in the typology of the usual lightbox, meaning it wants strongly to communicate and tell you that ist a shop or something. But with pixelating the contects that much takes that function away and turs it into that abstract objet.


Color throuhg light

The secondary effect of colorreflection of the the lightboxes upstairs is the primary effect in the restrooms downstairs (the walls are also grey).

The Outside

Coloring the beches in an extreme and shiny blue to simply atract the customers passing by.