Peruvian cuisine
in Neukölln.


Chicha is a new peruvian restaurant in Berlin Neukölln that celebrates the vast culinary diversity of Peru. What started as a streetfood experiment is now one of the best peruvian restaurants.

The customer came to us with a comprehensive imagination of what the place should be but had no solution how it all would come together.

The mission: The interior design should be a modern interpretation of the peruvian streetfood style in a minimalistic yet energetic way. In a way to perfectly fit in the surrounding area and please the berlin folks. It should be as unique as possible while staying absolutely compatibel to the average guests.


Interior Design

... the challenge of combinig the loud and colorful peruvian chicha culture, with a modern and clean design in the context of the lively Berlin Neukölln.



As an analogy of the peruvian cusine, which is heavily influenced by japanese sushi, I disovered the udukuri process that I then transformed into a peruvian flavour with lots of colors.

Udukuri is a traditional japanese craft technique, in which the wood surface is carved away with a metal brush, leaving only the hard wood grain then lacquered and polished again to bring out the wood grain as pattern.


Chicha Posters

Chicha is a cultural movement originating from the urbanization indigenous peruvian communities, materialized by a graphic aesthetic and a musical style. This kind of posters is very typical and characteristic for the peruvian streetstyle.

One wall in the rather quit part of the restaurant is covered with fragments of original posters from the streets of peru.


Pendant lamps

Take the most simple pendant lamp imaginable had been added a wire triangle to get a kind of chandelier with a modern geometric style.


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