Goodtime Grill

Asian upscale restaurant in West Berlin.

Goodtime Grill

The Goodtime Grill is a high class asian cusine restaurant located in West Berlin, Kurfürstendamm next to the theatre Schaubuehne. The heart of the restaurant is the Robata Grill which is  short for 'robatayaki', the Japanese expression for 'fireplace cooking'.

The grill's history started in an idyllic fisher bay in the north of Japan. Armed with their paddles as cooking equipment, the fisher men grilled their catch over the open fire - and then passed it on from boat to boat. Until today, cooks in Japanese kitchens work with very similar wooden tools. The Robata itself however has by now become a stylized part of culture. Its biggest secret being its special charcoal, which smokes very little and gets hotter than any of its competitors, reaching up to 1000 degrees. But even with so much fire under its bars, the Robata is a rather slow grill, which makes some call it the Aston Martin of the barbecues.

At the entrance of the restaurant, the first things the guests will see is the mirrorde window of the patisserie, which is kind of a spoiler of the evening's end. After passing through the bar and the lounge area the guests will be guided to their table, maybe even to a seat in front of the robata grill and the ice covered fish display.


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As a surprising contrast to the rather dark and cozy atmosphere are the restrooms downstairs, with the all-white-interior.

GTG Identity

The restaurants visual identity reflects the robata in a very subtle bbq flavoured graphic design crossed with classy minimalism.