Korean Restaurant Berlin

Redesign of the website for CORÉEN, a Korean restaurant in Berlin. The new website focuses on providing essential information to visitors. It includes a new claim that was part of the redesign process, details about the restaurant, the menu, location, and opening hours, as well as a button for booking a table or contacting the restaurant. Additionally, the website features photographs that give an impression of the restaurant and, of course, the full menu. The page is available in both German and English, with a language switch permanently located at the top of the page for easy access, at all times.

To ensure a seamless experience across different devices, the design prioritized mobile devices. For larger screens, a split-screen layout was implemented. This layout showcases images on the left side while allowing users to freely browse the page on the right side.



Redesign of the Menu

Redesigning the menu for CORÉEN, a Korean restaurant in Berlin, was a challenging task as fitting all the food items onto a single A3 page was difficult. To address this, I developed a design system that could easily adapt to changes. Based on my past experience with menu projects, I was able to predict and handle all the changes that would come up.

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