A trip to India.


The idea for the restaurant eatDoori was born on a trip to India, when Kanwal, Philip and Max discovered their love for the indian food and the culinary culture. Back in germany they decided to recreate the experience and the taste of their trip in a restaurant located in their home city Frankfurt am Main.

To reproduce the feeling of a trip to india we created a layered entance scenario. The first layer is a second outside, if enter the restaurant you are in an area that feels like your still on the street but rather on a street in india. Then you will enter the restaurant again and come to the next level, which is the bar/lounge area with dark woods and dim light. The next level ist separeted by two curtains hanging in front of the left and right walls and divide the space not only visually but also accoustily. The main restaurant space is relatively bright and friendly. The final and last layer of the long space is the front of the open kitchen, which painted in a strong red. This is a typical indian style of just covering everything with one color.

And there is one more thing, we created a trip inside a trip, that is a train ride. For the guys it's the cheap and overfilled sleeper class. And the ladies get to go on the orient express.


Interior Design
Detail Planing
Ordering Process

... to tell a story about india, but not to look like india.


Ordering Process

To keep up the pace of the streetfood culure, we developed an ordering system that is both, efficient and effective.

The guest can easily fill out the ordering sheet and place it at the suspended bulb, which is above every table, so that the waiter can pick it up as soon as possible.

The Restrooms Downstairs

In order to keep up the surprises, we take the guest on a second trip. The restrooms pretend to be different kinds of train. the ladies take the rather luxurious orient express and the guys hop on the sleeper class.